GNHLUG SLUG - Wiki - 8 May

Paul Lussier p.lussier at
Sat Apr 29 17:51:01 EDT 2006

What : Heckling
Who  : Ben Scott
Where: ever possible
Day  : every
Time : always

For the May meeting of SLUG (NH Seacoast Linux User Group), Ben Scott
will be heckled.  He will cover a bit of history of being heckled,
basic heckling, talk about a few different popular heckling methods,
and show how one can be heckled both virtually and physically by
GNHLUG members.

What is Heckling?  Heckling is best described as "Quick, easy, and
open means of having fun at Ben's expense".  It lets anyone have a
good time with minimal effort.  You can generally just type in your
heckles and send them to Ben the way you want it to look, and the
GNHLUG mail list software makes it happen.  Heckling is the humor
behind GNHLUG, one of the most pedantic, off-topic groups in the

Ben Scott is our local Hecklee.  He has somehow become one of the most
heckled of GNHLUG's members/leaders, although he isn't quite sure how
that happened.  His day job is getting heckled by GNHLUG members with
nothing better to do, and he spends his nights wishing that only
people could forget about him the way they have Derek and his


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