GNHLUG Nashua - Andy Bair on WebJob - Thr 16 Feb

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Who  : Andy Bair
What : WebJob
Where: Martha's Exchange
Day  : Thur 16 Feb (*TOMORROW*)
Time : 6:00 PM for grub, 7:30 PM for presentation

 WebJob is a client-server system, where a tiny client requests and
downloads a program from a server, executes that program on the client,
then uploads the results to the server.

 WebJob provides a mechanism for running known good programs on
damaged orpotentially compromised systems. It is ideal for remote
diagnostics, incident response, and evidence collection.

 WebJob also provides a centralized management framework. It thereby
supports and automates a large number of common host-based tasks such
as: periodic system checks, file updates, integrity monitoring,
patch/package management, and so on.

 Andy plans to discuss the tool, its architecture, and one or more

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