GNHLUG Nashua -- "What is WebJob?" Thur 16 Feb (By Andy Bair)

Bair,Paul A. PABAIR at
Wed Feb 15 16:00:01 EST 2006

WebJob is a client-server system, where a tiny
client requests and downloads a program from a
server, executes that program on the client,
then uploads the results to the server.  WebJob
is useful because it provides a mechanism for
running known good programs on damaged or
potentially compromised systems. This makes it
ideal for remote diagnostics, incident response,
and evidence collection. WebJob also provides a
framework that is conducive to centralized
management. Therefore, it can support and help
automate a large number of common administrative
tasks and host-based monitoring scenarios such
as periodic system checks, file updates,
integrity monitoring, patch/package management,
and so on.

Here is the outline for the discussion:

  High-level View 
  Details: Client--Server Interaction 
  Execution Example 
  WebJob in Action
I will also make my presentation and a short paper 
available for download this evening.  I'll repost
the URL's when they are available.

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