Doug McIlroy Talk downloads now available

Bill McGonigle bill at
Tue Jan 10 17:54:00 EST 2006

Sorry for the long delay folks - I finally got the audio/video 
downloads all set from Doug McIlroy's talk "Ancestry of Linux - How the 
Fun Began" at the last Quarterly Meeting in November for those who 
couldn't make it or would like to review:

I'm hosting the slides and audio - the video links out to the Internet 
Archive.  These guys are great - have a listen to the founder's 
interview on NerdTV if you get a chance.  (If you ever get tempted to 
put something there avoid the CCPublisher tool at all costs, it's 
broken.  Do check out the lftp FTP client on linux, which they 
recommend - better than ncftp used to be.)

The audio file is .mp3 - the video file is aac/h.264.  It's even sized 
appropriately for you dogs with Video iPod.  VLC can play it:

The source material was pretty bad so the quality is somewhat 
sub-Hollywood after post-processing.  After much filtering it's at 
least viewable and audible.

I've posted DVD's to the GNHLUG chapter coordinators and a copy is 
available for loan from the DLSLUG Library if you'd rather watch it on 
TV.  That's full NTSC-quality.


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