PySIG tomorrow

Bill Sconce sconce at
Wed Jul 26 17:24:00 EDT 2006

More going on than we first thought.  (It ISN"T quiet in the summertime!)

Featured speaker:  our own Cole Tuininga, topic Myghty.

Other stuff:  report from NELS UNH, where Python stole the show.
Pictures!  Jeff Elkner's high-school class does a sprint and implements
a new UI for SchoolTool.  (Which is written in Zope.)  High schoolers!
How hard can it be? (*)


(*) Everyone in PySIG who's tried it has found that Zope IS hard.  
Evidently Jeff forgot to tell his students...
(BCC: Jeff, Tom)

Usual time, 7:00 PM

Usual place, the very hospitable Amoskeag Business Incubator,
33 South Commercial Street, Manchester.

Usual refreshments++   (Janet's HeathBar cookies, as previously

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