[GNHLUG] MerriLUG Nashua, Thur 16 November, VMware: Instant access to an alien OS!

Jim Kuzdrall gnhlug at intrel.com
Thu Nov 9 11:38:09 EST 2006

Who  : Shawn K. O'Shea
What : VMware tips: features, advantages, installation, quirks, demo.
Where: Martha's Exchange
Day  : Thur 16 November **Next Week**
Time : 6:00 PM for grub, 7:30 PM for discussion

:: Overview

    Want to switch between Windows (or BSD or flavors of Linux) without 
that tedious reboot delay?  It can be done by creating one or more 
software virtual machines on the same physical machine!

    Shawn O'Shea will share his considerable experience installing, 
configuring, and maintaining VMware, a commercial product.  The talk 
will span general getting-started tips to subtle, obscure details - 
including a good try at answering your specific questions.

 >>> RSVP to "Heather Brodeur" <hbrodeur at redhat.com> for dinner to 
assure adequate seating. <<<
 !!! New!  If you are a "Regular Attendee", let me know and I will put 
you on said list.  Then, just let me know if you are NOT coming. !!!

Driving directions:


Jim Kuzdrall
gnhlug at intrel.com

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