[GNHLUG] 15th birthday party starts 6 PM on Mon 26 Oct @ Milly's Tavern

Ben Scott dragonhawk at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 18:25:49 EDT 2009

Who  : You!  Your fiends!  Everybody!
What : Party for GNHLUG's 15th Birthday
Date : Mon 26 Oct 2009
Time : 6 PM ish to whenever
Where: Milly's Tavern, Manchester, NH

  The Greater New Hampshire Linux Users Group is celebrating its 15th
anniversary this month!  There will be an informal gathering for
dinner and drinks that evening, purely for social/nostalgia purposes.
Milly's Tavern has been chosen to have the burden^W honor of hosting
our celebration.  Per long standing tradition, we'll be starting after
6 PM ish and continue until whenever.  :)  Join us!  Tell your
friends!  Tell your enemies!  I'm sure there will be plenty of tech
talk, war stories, and just plain friendly chat to go around.
Cone-shaped party hats optional.

  RSVP: Please email me if you think you might be coming.  If you're
RSVPing for others, give me the count of people in your group.  I just
want to call ahead day-of to give the venue some idea of how many are
coming.  This isn't a commitment; they don't take reservations anyway.

  Milly's Tavern is located at 500 Commercial Street, Manchester, NH,
in the former home of the Stark Mill Brewery.
<http://www.millystavern.com/>  They claim to be a local brewery, and
offer a typical "pub style" dinner menu.  I'm looking forward to
trying them out.

  Hope to see you all there!


 The first meeting of what would become GNHLUG took place on Wed 19 Oct 1994.


  We had a vote on the date <http://doodle.com/ysxe3gm9cdf3rdi5> and
the location <http://doodle.com/p7c6h6kc9zw7i5mt>.

-- Ben

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