[GNHLUG] NHRuby, Monday, June 21, Nick Quaranto, Gemcutter

Ted Roche tedroche at tedroche.com
Thu Jun 17 09:40:58 EDT 2010

Forwarded from the nhruby.org mailing list:

Join us at RMC Research (1000 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH) this coming
Monday, 21 June 2010 at 7pm for the June edition of NHRuby. We meet and
share projects and questions surrounding Ruby, Rails, and related
technologies — all are welcome.

This month, we are pleased to welcome Nick Quaranto back to New
Hampshire! Nick was recognized this year with a Ruby Hero for his most
excellent project, Gemcutter. This month, Nick is going to reprise for
us his highly rated RailsConf talk, Lapidary: The Art of Gemcutting.

Gemcutter is now the central RubyGem host for the community, with over
10,000 gems and over 10 million gem downloads and counting. Learn why
Gemcutter won the great RubyGem hosting battle of 2009 and about the
challenges the site faces in 2010 and beyond. Discover how instant code
deployment with Gemcutter is changing the way not only Rubyists develop
and release software, but other open source communities as well.

So join us Monday for an evening of code, conversation, and the company
of your fellow Rubyists. Directions and more information can be found at

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