[GNHLUG] [DLSLUG-Announce] DLSLUG Monthly Meeting 2011-11-03

Lloyd Kvam python at venix.com
Wed Nov 2 14:35:03 EDT 2011

Dartmouth College
Haldeman 125	7 PM

5:30  Pre-meeting dinner at EBA's.  RSVP and bring cash.

7:00  Sign-in, networking

7:15  Introductory remarks

7:20  Nifties and Discussion

DLSLUG Topics:
      * January meeting moved to Jan 12 to fit Jon 'maddog' Hall's
        schedule.  He'll present Project Cauã
      * Should we hold the social meeting on Jan 5 the normal meeting
        night?  Socialize in December?
      * Advice for planning meetings and programs

Any idea is welcome.  Suggested Nifty topics:
      * key pairs - public key encryption
      * ssh - tricks and tips for securing remote connections
      * certificates - openssl, xca, certificate management
      * certifying authorities - startssl.com, verisign
      * using certificates for authentication
      * (guess what I was working on last month)

8:50  Wrap-up

Lloyd Kvam
Venix Corp

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