[GNHLUG] BarCamp Manchester 6, Saturday November 12th

kenta kenta.koga at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 20:59:51 EST 2011

This Saturday: BarCamp Manchester.

To quote from their site:
" BarCampManchester is an un-conference BarCamp event held annually in
Manchester, New Hampshire, United States. The goal of
BarCampManchester is to bring technology professionals from the
Greater Manchester area and New Hampshire together to learn and

Unlike many conferences you may have been to, a BarCamp is free and
all content is provided by the attendees. It provides a great
opportunity to learn about cutting edge tools and technology from your

BarCampManchester is on Nov. 12th from 10:00am to 4:00pm"

I try to make this event every year. If you've given a recent
presentation, or would like to give a presentation I'm sure they'd
always appreciate more presenters.Topics in the past have generally
leaned more towards the technical, but of course it's really driven by
who shows up and who chooses to present. Even if you're going to just
listen and learn the topics generally vary greatly and the "law of two
feet" applies. This is being held at the ABI again. Sign up here:

Hope to see you this Saturday!


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