[gnhlug-announce] July Mondalug meeting

Dan Coutu coutu at snowy-owl.com
Wed Jul 9 17:26:16 EDT 2003

ray bordt wrote:
> hi from ray bordt in raleigh, nc
> please tell me about MySQL tools/apps.
> i am a Realtor and want to switch from M$ stuff to linux.
> thanks from the hot South!

Ray, you're being pretty vague and general. Given that many books could 
be written to "tell me about MySQL tools/apps" and given that nobody 
here is likely to type in that much text, a more specific set of 
questions would make it more likely that you'll get a useful response.

Specifics about just what you are trying to do, how you plan to use it, 
how much data you are dealing with, etc. provide a much better context 
for answering questions.


Dan Coutu
Managing Director
Snowy Owl Internet Consulting, LLC

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