Libranet - Free Trial

Bill Sconce sconce at
Thu Apr 8 12:28:02 EDT 2004

On Wed, 7 Apr 2004 12:06:57 +0900
Derek Martin <invalid at> wrote:
> Does Libranet contain proprietary software?  It sounds like it is just
> Debian with a particular mix of their development branches.  If so,
> the software is all GPL- or OSS-licenced, and can be copied freely.

Every app on the Libranet distribution is Free.  The installation/management
procedure may be property of Libranet - I've never looked, and I don't care.
(I treat it as theirs;  the whole point is that I'm happy to pay for it.)
What I end up with is a real Debian system, and a savings of a whole lot of
my time.

> Which isn't to say you shouldn't pay for it if you like it,

Sure!  And more importantly, to find out if you like it or not - and whether
you'll be on board to buy later versions as they come out.

> but my point is that there need not be a 'circulation list" per se,
> if someone can make copies.

Er, that wasn't the deal.  My own feeling is that making one copy for
yourself, so that your evaluation can go on for as long as you need to
really become familiar with Libranet, is within what the Libranet guys

I initially offered to buy a copy to pass around, "honor system".  The
Libranet guys did better, making a copy available to GNHLUG for free.
I'd be most comfortable continuing (for my part) with the original deal.
Derek, or anyone, is welcome to ask Jon and Tal about making copies.
(Anyone is also free to make copies without asking.  No one is going
to check.  This is GNHLUG.)

BTW, I heard from Tal yesterday evening.  The CDs are in the mail.  Bruce,
you are first on the list;  maybe by the weekend!!  Meet you in Weare?  :)


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