Large HD, old BIOS

Travis Roy travis at
Mon May 3 10:15:01 EDT 2004

> Did you create a /boot partition at the beginning of the drive of around
> 50M in size and did you tell the BIOS that you were using LBA when the
> drive was formatted using it or vice versa?  I do not recall and too
> busy now to check, but I believe the man pages for Lilo will describe
> the result you are seeing with just a li on boot.
> It is really a BIOS config problem if I recall correctly because even if
> Linux will ascertain the HD geometry regardless of the BIOS, you have to
> get there first so to speak and that is the job of the BIOS.

Yah, that's what I was thinking.. Linux can ID the hard drive and figure 
out the size based on what that says, but if the BIOS won't let it see 
more then 8gigs it doesn't matter what linux thinks it is, the bios will 
stop it.

you could get an IDE PCI card.

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