Comcast blocking port 25? (not what you think)

David Roberts droberts at
Mon May 10 11:05:01 EDT 2004

Hmmm - seems like every month or so my wife
complains about my account...  "Why
do we have to pay 60+ dollars for DSL when "Mary"
down the street has ComCast and gets higher speed
internet access for less money...?"

My response to her follows to the tune of:
  Because I want my (2) dedicated IP's and I don't 
  want ComCast (or Verizon's) crap about supported
  Operating Systems and server restrictions.  You
  want Comblast fine, but I am not giving up my
  Speakeasy service and I am *NOT* supporting
  anything other than the Speakeasy service...

(And as I had to bail out "Mary" several times in
the past when she was unable to get any decent
help through the tech support line, my wife has
always backed off...   >;)


On Mon, 10 May 2004, Steven W. Orr stated in their Email:

Steve> From: Steven W. Orr <steveo at>
Steve> To: Travis Roy <travis at>
Steve> Cc: GNHLUG <discuss at>
Steve> Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 10:35:47 -0400 (EDT)
Steve> Subject: Re: Comcast blocking port 25? (not what you think)
Steve> On Monday, May 10th 2004 at 06:47 -0400, quoth Travis Roy:
Steve> =>This isn't about Comcast blocking port 25 to prevent you from running a 
Steve> =>server..
Steve> =>
Steve> =>Recently my parents (that use Comcast) can no longer connect to port 25 
Steve> =>of my server.. one that is legit, has correct reverse and MX records.
Steve> =>
Steve> =>Has anybody else seen this?
Steve> =>
Steve> =>Can anybody suggest a workaround.
Steve> This is no help for your problem, but I'll tell you what happened to me.
Steve> I'm in Framingham and I have a choice (currently) between RCN and comcast.
Steve> I'm with RCN but a while ago they shut off incoming port 80. Later on they 
Steve> shut off outgoing port 25. For the princely sum of only $240/year, I get 
Steve> the honor and priviledge of having those ports opened up. And I'm 
Steve> guaranteed that my IP address won't change. Ever.

I have strong opinions and not all may match my employers, so 
the usual blurb applies...

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