Comcast blocking port 25? (not what you think)

Bill Mullen moon at
Mon May 10 12:32:00 EDT 2004

On Mon, 10 May 2004, Travis Roy wrote:

> I just find it stupid that they would do something like this. It's one
> thing to block port 80 since running a webserver is against the AUP/TOS,
> but to block access to an outside mail server smells of crushing the
> competition and limiting choice.

I highly doubt that this has anything to do with that, and everything to
do with an attempt to limit the ability of compromised Wintendo boxes to
spew spam directly from their Comcast connection to MTAs the world over.  

By forcing their customers to pass all outbound mail via Comcast's own
SMTP servers, they nip all of that unwanted behavior in the bud; it just
happens to impact your (non-standard) arrangement as "collateral damage."

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