spam filters

Kevin D. Clark kevin_d_clark at
Wed May 19 01:27:01 EDT 2004

Jason Stephenson <jason at> writes:

> Spamassassin looks in the home directory of the user it is running as
> for the bayes database.

Yes, and spamd seems to do this too.  I think that this is a problem.
The problem is obvious:  one person's ham is another person's spam,
and spam/ham wordlists are specific to a given user, not a group of

> If you can set it up so that your users call spamassassin through
> procmail, you'll have a great deal more accuracy. However, this is
> difficult if not impossible for most real world network environments.

I already do this, in a manner that I've detailed elsewhere on this
mailing list.  I can use "spamassassin" just fine, but the combination
of spamc/spamd, while faster, doesn't work for my setup.



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