RFC: Make political discussion off-topic by rule (was: America ...)

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Sun Jan 9 13:25:01 EST 2005


I agree (Make political discussion someplace else!). 
I often look for the word Linux in these 
extensive posts of psycho-social rhetoric.

Some times I wonder if these folks that persist
in screwing up the list with their off-the-wall
dissertations aren't really seeking psychotherapy
rather than informed social debate.

Often, when I open my mailbox, I often say:
Geez, I'd pay money, if someone would 
just ask a good Linux Question ...
(or start a genuine Linux thread). 

So, encourage them to just go someplace else...


> From: Benjamin Scott <bscott at ntisys.com>
> Date: 2005/01/09 Sun PM 12:54:14 EST
> To: Greater NH Linux User Group <discuss at gnhlug.org>
> Subject: RFC: Make political discussion off-topic by rule (was: America ...)
>   Well, once again, someone decided to barge onto the list, post some random
> political diatribe that had nothing to do with Linux, and it spun into a 30+
> message thread that had nothing to do with Linux, and indeed, little to do
> with anything other then general complaining.
>   The long, obscure technical debates we get sucked into are bad enough.  
> This is too much.
>   I hereby submit the following Request For Comment to the membership of
> this list: Should we make political diatribes like this explicitly off-topic
> on gnhlug-discuss?
>   Rationale: 
>   1. Such discussion causes the legitimate Linux-and-FOSS-related discussion
> to get lost in the noise.
>   2. There are many, far more appropriate forums for this type of thing,
> both on-line and off.  Such discussion belongs there.
>   3. This list provides a captive audience, which joined because of
> interests in Linux and NH, and not politics.
>   4. The argument that "This effects Linux because politics..." is bogus
> because it can be generalized for anything.  Example: "I can use Linux to
> control my toaster, so let's talk about bread-making recipes."  The fact
> that you can draw a line from N to Linux does not mean N is related to
> Linux.
>   5. Unlike most other off-topic threads, political discussions of this type
> tend to be loud, lengthy, and limitless, turning a minor, one-time annoyance
> into a repeated, persistent problem.
>   If I get sufficient response, we can put this to a vote and we can have
> our very first Official Rule in GNHLUG.
>   I was *really* hoping it wouldn't come to this, but apparently some people
> are too far too eager to push their pet political agendas to be able to act
> like responsible, polite people.
>   If someone really wants it, I'm sure we can create politics at gnhlug.org to
> give those interested a forum for this kind of thing.  (But see point #2
> above.)
>   Respectfully yours,
> -- 
> Ben Scott <bscott at ntisys.com>
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