game server ..

Mike Medai mikemedai at
Sun Jan 9 14:18:00 EST 2005

Hey there ..

Is anyone out there on this list/group running a Call of Duty: UO 
server?  If so, I could really use some assistance.  <sigh>

Tinkering with my new box and trying to run a part-time COD:UO server 
for some games for friends.  But I keep running into a "scripting error 
on line 37" when I run the server which has me baffled as I cannot tell 
which file I should look at to determine the problem.  I've been to the 
site and discussions from where I got the server software, but reading 
through their stuff leaves me wondering if they are helpful to beginning 
users.  Figured I'd try my luck with a friendlier crowd first.

The software I'm trying/using is .. coduo-lnxded-1.51-large.tar.bz2 from

Thanks for any help.


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