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I use crouton to create an Ubuntu machine on my Chromebook.  I then mostly
just use Ubuntu, including keepassx.  Two caveats:  you have to put the
machine into developer mode which makes it insecure (as a shared
platform).  I don't care because I'm the only one who uses it.  2) when
booting, the space bar will Erase! Your installation and reset it.  This is
Google's method to allow you to revert from developer mode and there's no
way to change it or circumvent it.  (You either wait 20 seconds or press
Ctrl d).  My son used my Chromebook one day and touched the spacebar while
booting.  Presto! Brand new Chromebook! 😕
On Jul 31, 2014 2:29 AM, "Karl Hergenrother" <33karl36 at> wrote:

> I just bought a Chromebook.  Its a good computer for my needs, a tablet
> with a keyboard.  However, I have one major disappointment.  I have used
> Keepass and KeepassX for years to manage my passwords. Chrome has an app
> called Keepass Chrome,but I have been unsuccessful in getting this Chrome
> app to read the old .kdb file.  You would think with a name like that it
> would be able to input the old database file.  I would appreciate any
> suggestions.  Google searches have turned up nothing,
> Thank you for listening to my problem.
> Karl Hergenrother
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