Is your kids' school forcing Zoom on them too?

Joshua Judson Rosen rozzin at
Sun Aug 9 09:50:33 EDT 2020

On 8/9/20 9:33 AM, Lloyd Kvam wrote:
> On Sun, 2020-08-09 at 08:07 -0400, dmichaud at wrote:
>> In a pinch you can run Zoom wholly in a browser or other semi-sandboxed
>> environment such as mobile phone or tablet, without using the desktop app.
> I have attempted to join some meetings and discovered that the app was *required*.

One of the first promises that they make in their `how we plan to someday actually provide
some of the end-to-end encryption that we lied about already having had for ages until we got caught
and exposed for actually not having any security underneath at all' whitepaper
is to stop supporting web browsers....

>> I ended up repurposing a neglected chromebook as a zoom meeting appliance
>> and that's been fantastic for many activities.
>>> On Fri, 2020-08-07 at 19:14 -0400, Matt Minuti wrote:
>>>> There's been no remote execution exploits (AFAIK), so that's a
>>>> non-issue.
>>> There have been remote exploits.
>>> Ignore #5 which is a different Zoom. Apple was forced to create a special
>>> update to clean up
>>> the mess after zoom was "uninstalled".
>>> That said, it's quite possible that today's Zoom is OK on that score. The
>>> Sans News Bites folks
>>> do not seem to be concerned.
>>> I installed Zoom on my wife's iPad. I won't install it on my gear. Being
>>> pushed into acquiring
>>> a somewhat isolated device to run Zoom would be annoying.

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