[GNHLUG] The World Premier of the GNULUG Movie Production Studios

Jon 'maddog' Hall maddog at li.org
Wed Mar 11 12:40:06 EDT 2009


As you know, we had an audition for a video a few weeks ago, and on
March 1st Ben Scott, Mark Greene and Matt Oquist joined me on the second
floor of Martha's to create the video "Innovation and Free Software",
which is now up on YouTube:


I have volunteered to do a talk about the creation of this video on
March 19th at the MerriLUG meeting.  As the title of the talk:

        'Making "Fairly OK" Videos with Inkscape and Kino'

this is not going to be a big thing.  I am not an expert with these
tools, I just learn as I go along.  But I will be at Martha's the
"normal time" for dinner and then go upstairs to give this talk.

You might want to watch the video first to get an idea of what it is
about, and to see the spectacular acting job that these three volunteers

I might also mention that the video was produced on time and under
budget, two elements in today's society that we do not hear that much.

Another announcement will be going out as we get closer to the meeting.

Yes, I filled in the Wiki page.

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