Sound card recommendations?

Benjamin Scott bscott at
Sun Jan 9 14:55:01 EST 2005

Hello world!

  My sound card (an old Ensoniq ES1370) blew the other day, so I'm looking
for a new card.  Can anyone make a recommendation for a good sound card
these days?

  My requirements are simple: I listen to music while hacking.  I play video
games.  I want GAIM to make little noises when some sends me a message.

  I'm not interested in platinum-iridium-plated connectors, 14-channel
surround sound, the latest iTunes clone, games so bad they had to bundle
them with a sound card, etc.  Just decent quality sound for an appropriate
price.  I'm willing to pay for quality, but not for marketing gimmicks.

  Obviously, it has to work with Linux and ALSA.  I would like to buy a card
from a company which is Linux-friendly.  (Apparently, Creative Labs has
withdrawn the olive branch they once extended to the F/OSS world.)

  Any suggestions?


Ben Scott <bscott at>

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